Gigabyte Marines Seal The Final Spot For The Mid-Season Invitational Group Stages

Vietnam’s Gigabyte Marines have finalised their place in the Mid-Season Invitational Group Stages, pushing aside Turkey’s SuperMassive eSports to secure the final spot from the Play-In tournament. The two sides met in the final MSI tie to be hosted under the roof of CBLoL Studio in Sao Paulo, after losses to Team SoloMid and Flash Wolves.

Gigabyte Marines could consider themselves unlucky not to have secured their Mid-Season Inviational Group Stage slot at an earlier date, narrowly missing out on a series victory over North America’s Team SoloMid. By contrast, SuperMassive eSports dominance against the other wild card regions at the MSI Play-In paled to insignificance when faced with might of Taiwan’s Flash Wolves. Gigabyte Marines understandably entered the playoff as heavy favourites and immediately set to work validating their high expectations.

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Game 1 of the series between SuperMassive and Marines was essentially a finished contest within the first 10 minutes. Sending four troops down the bottom lane, GAM initiated a ruthless tower dive to set SUP’s duo lane even further behind.

Five kills on the board and the bonus wealth from the game’s first turret in the bag, the Vietnamese side exploited their lead by forcing fights across the map, choking out SuperMassive to secure a clean opening game in the series.

SuperMassive brought the Gigabyte Marines down to their level for the second game in the series, opting to play out a chaotic and blood-thirsty brawl. Without doubt the biggest benefactor from the near continuous fighting was SUP top laner Asim “fabFabulous” Cihat Karakaya, reaping the rewards from a number of messy team fights to quickly scale the strength of his Rumble. SuperMassive successfully levelled the series at one game apiece.

For a fleeting moment, it seemed that the Turkish representative was capable of causing an upset with their hyper-aggressive style. Yet after a brief break away from the stage spotlights, GAM returned having regained their composure and proceeded to convincingly close out the series.

Once again impressing from the jungle, Đỗ “Levi” Duy Khánh supplied each of Marines’ three lanes with an early advantage over their opponents. The resulting mid-game team fights provided an inevitable outcome, as SuperMassive were convincingly overpowered on numerous occasions, sacrificing towers and objectives as a result.

Having now played more games than any of the other teams set to compete in the main event of the Mid-Season Invitational, Gigabyte Marines will now need to prepare to hold their own against the might of Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea and North America’s best. GAM’s first test will see them face a familiar foe in Team SoloMid, the team they were one game away from besting during the Play-In stage.

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