Jordan Spieth becomes the first golfer on a Wheaties box since Tiger Woods

The golden boy of golf has just become the poster boy for athletes everywhere, gracing the cover of 4 million Wheaties boxes later this year.

The company announced Tuesday that the 23-year-old major champion signed the papers that would bring him to cereal aisles everywhere in the fall of this year. Spieth will be the first golfer to be on a Wheaties cover since Tiger Woods.

Spieth talked about the new endorsement deal during his press conference at the AT&T Byron Nelson, where he is teeing it up this week.

“I’m going to be on the cover of 4 million Wheaties boxes later this year which is really cool, Breakfast of Champions. You grow up seeing your favorite athletes on these boxes and used to walk down the aisle of the grocery store whenever my mom used to drag me along and always want to see who was on the cover and to actually be on one is a pretty special dream come true.”

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It’s no coincidence that they made the announcement this week because Bryon Nelson was the first golfer to grace the prestigious cover. Both Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer were a part of the Wheaties family as well. Michael Jordan has been on the Wheaties box 18 times, the most in Wheaties history. Jordan Spieth is joining an elite crew and he knows that, as does anyone else that’s grown up with the cereal in their home.

During his press conference, Spieth brought up an excellent point about why he was chosen. He said that, “It’s an honor, the fact that Wheaties looks for athletes that conduct themselves in [the] right way on and off the field or course, and I kind of thank them for including me in that.”

In the few years that Jordan Spieth has been on Tour, he has brought a humble aura that radiates from his game. When you watch him play you can’t help but root for him. Even though some may not like his poster boy attitude, the game hasn’t had someone like him since before Tiger Woods’ reputation was smeared across front page news.

His southern ties and family values are foundations that the game values, and clearly so do many endorsers, including Coca-cola and now Wheaties. You can’t get big name deals without being a big deal, and Jordan Spieth has rightly so gained that title.

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