Cloud9 Sneaky Receives Twitch Ban After Broadcasting Vulgar Donation Song

Cloud9’s veteran AD Carry Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi has been forced to take a break from his rigid steaming schedule after being issued a 24 hour ban from Twitch. The ban has disabled Sneaky’s channel until the ban’s duration is complete, allowing time for the NA LCS professional and popular streamer to address the issues with his broadcast. Sneaky’s channel was banned for broadcasting a song by the controversial artist Filthy Frank; the track featured a number of profanities and racist suggestions, all of which violated Twitch’s terms of service.

Boasting both YouTube and Twitch channels with subscription figures in the hundreds of thousands, a number of viewers were left disappointed after attempting to tune in to their favourite NA LCS personality, only to find that Sneaky’s channel had been closed ‘due to terms of service violations.’ After a community inquest, Sneaky took to social to explain the situation:

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The song in question was produced by the YouTube personality Filthy Frank, featured on his album ‘Pink Season’. The controversial artist made a name for himself producing satirical musical numbers that cut close to the bone. Whilst his music receives mixed reviews, his latest album reached 70 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, though the language and taboo featured in the track played on Sneaky’s steam was deemed too far out of line for Twitch.

It is unknown whether Sneaky’s channel was closed on account of a complaint, or if the clip in which the track was playing was simply flagged by a Twitch employee during rudimentary channel checks. The latter certainly seems more likely, given that Sneaky is known for operating a fairly risky stream. The Cloud9 ADC frequently entertains donation messages which feature sexual references and taboo themes, though this is the first instance of any form of ban for the popular streamer.


It is expected that Sneaky will resume his normal streaming schedule once the 24 hour ban is lifted, provided that Twitch do not intend to conduct further investigations into other potential violations. Sneaky’s teammates and fellow streamers do not seem overly concerned for the welfare of the Cloud9 man’s channel:

The ban has once again raised the debate as to what can be considered acceptable behaviour from a professional player. Sneaky’s stream is notably polarising, largely on account of the dark humour shared between the ADC and his audience. Though he will likely escape further punishment, perhaps it is time for Sneaky to reassess the content of his broadcast, at the very least the manner in which he handles viewer donations.

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