Everyone has forgotten the greatest football advert of all-time

Bringing people together… giving hope to youngsters everywhere… eroding national boundaries.

Football does many things for the world, but perhaps most important of all, it provides massive transnational corporations with the rare opportunity to raise brand awareness and line their pockets with your hard-earned cash.

To do this, they need adverts. Great adverts. Ones that feature David Beckham, preferably. And a historical or apocalyptic setting is good, too.

And remember: acting is famously easy, so there’s no need to worry about the players delivering their lines in a way so laughably wooden that it makes Keanu Reeves’ performances seem almost passable.

Yes, football adverts may not always be Oscar-worthy, but we’ve all got our favourites – and here are ours.

Nike’s “The Switch”

Nike have blatantly ripped off the plot of Freaky Friday here, but this is a pretty cool advert and Ronaldo’s one line is confidently delivered (although to be fair, two of the three words are his own name).


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Pepsi’s Medieval battle ad

It’s long been suggested that Becks might try his hand at acting now the curtain has come down on his playing career, and if this 2004 commercial is anything to go by, he’ll be fine as long as it’s a non-speaking role.

Is anyone else thirsty?

Nike’s “Match in Hell”

Things were a lot darker in the 90s, weren’t they? This Nike commercial literally depicts an Eric Cantona-led team having a kick-about in the firey depths of Hell (no, not Elland Road).

Nike’s Brazil airport ad

The early noughties Brazil side featured some of the best showmen the game has ever seen, and in all honesty, they probably could have won the World Cup playing in an airport terminal.

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Casillero Del Diablo’s Man Utd ad

We’ve saved the best for last. Wayne Rooney’s football career may have hit the rocks, but there’s definitely a future for him on the stage. You all know the line.

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