The time Arsenal played against 15 players and snuck a banned player on

Once in a blue moon, we see something truly baffling in this oh so lovely game we call football. It could be a spectacular goal or random occurrence, but either way it’ll be entertaining.

In this instance, the shock factor comes from an old archived game between Arsenal and Dynamo Moscow. Honestly, it’s fucking mad.

Way, way back in 1945 when the equivalent of an iPhone was a telegram, Arsenal and Dynamo Moscow engaged in a light-hearted friendly between two of the top sides on the continent. Except that’s a lie because it wasn’t particularly nice at all, and it had a closer resemblance to a no holds barred Royal Rumble match as opposed to football. Lovely stuff.

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The game suffered from heavy fog that wouldn’t look out of place in a shisha bar, with many players urging the referee to suspend play. However, it seems as if the man in charge had pounded ten lines of coke before the game as he instead decided to resume play regardless of the horrendous conditions.

What then transpired can only be described as an absolute clusterfuck of truly hilarious proportions. The rule book may aswell have been burned, thrown out the window and pissed on because that was the mentality of the players left on the pitch.

At one stage, Moscow decided upon making a substitution, however, they didn’t actually take anybody off the pitch. In true Chris Kamara fashion, the stadium was left baffled, with some supporters claiming they had as many as 15 players on the pitch at the same time.

The English side simply laughed it off and in response, began to lay into their opposition with about as much force as Vinnie Jones on steroids. One lucky chap in particular who was sent off early in the game actually snuck back on and managed to play the remainder of the contest. Fantastic resilience, that.

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Unfortunately, karma took a turn for the worst as their keeper knocked himself out by running into the goalpost, because of course he did. Goodness me. Obviously, the correct action was taken and a spectator proceeded to take the shot stopper’s place in goal and the match resumed as normal.

If all this wasn’t utterly ridiculous enough, the game was played at none other than White Hart Lane. Yup. Not even lying.

So the morale of this little tale is simple – football was a lot more renegade┬áback in the old days.

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