Top 10 American sportsmen salaries compared to European soccer players

We’ve all heard the line of arguments: sportstars earn too much…if they had a day off and donated X amount every week, the world would be a better place…poverty would be sorted and Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t have to keep harping on about climate change.

Well, to be fair, those arguments look like they have legs, when taking a peak at these top 10 earners across European soccer, and American sports – according to Forbes.

Before you bring out your pitchforks arguing that the likes of, Kobe Bryant, should be top of the list, this is based on salary and winnings from 2016; sorry Paul Pogba. And, not how much your corporate giants of Adidas and Nike manage to add to these guys ego stroking by giving them a few extra million for one awful Instagram post.

The American sports included are from American football, basketball, and baseball – and judging by these figures, looks like the the New York Yankees and co. have been knocked for a home run…

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In general, the American sportsmen completely trump the top European soccer boys – surprisingly, baseball is nowhere to be seen. And, in terms of salary, the basketball lads don’t come close to the American football lot.

Speak to Messi and Neymar about wangling your way past the authorities and you might start competing at a salary level.

Whilst we are comparing America to Europe, who do you reckon has the better stadiums?

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