The history behind how Liverpool are a cheap version of Everton

Way back when, there was no divide between the two sides of Merseyside. Liverpool was entirely blue and as painful as this may be for some Scousers to follow, the Reds were definitely Everton’s bitch.

However, that all changed relatively quickly. In 1892, a dispute between Everton’s club committee and the owner of Anfield, John Houlding, led to the formation of a new club – but the confrontation didn’t end there.

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After the childish scuffle, Everton Football Club made the decision to leave Anfield, meanwhile, Houlding, applied to create Everton Athletic, a side that would ideally replace the Old Everton in the Football League. Cracking idea, that – it must’ve gone down brilliantly.

But of course, it did fucking not. The league pissed themselves laughing at the prospect and demanded that Houlding change the name to Liverpool Football Club, which, to this day, seems like a fairly decent compromise.

In essence, the entire issue is like a couple breaking up and arguing over who gets the dog. They both love it, they both want it, and despite it’s tendency to fuck things up from time to time it still possesses a special place in their hearts.

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Thus, the red side of Merseyside emerged. It really is quite bizarre to even fathom that this was once an issue, especially considering how fierce the derby between these two has been over the years. From friendly neighbours to increasingly bitter rivals, Everton fans will bask in the knowledge that the Reds were once clamouring to claim to the rights of their historic name.

Ironically enough, the Liverpool Football Club brand wasn’t even considered important enough to warrant entry in the Football League, and their first season took place in the Lancashire League. They bossed it, obviously, before finally being accepted following their triumph.

Regardless, the two sides have always been and will continue to be vital pillars that hold up the history of the game in this country. Their legacies speak for themselves and one day, we may even see harmony between them once again.

Then again, that’s not as fun.

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