Man jailed for nine years after appearing to try and kill Real Madrid superstars

We are all weird, but some people are weirder than others; and that’s exactly what Real Madrid’s squad of superstars worryingly found out.

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Police moved to arrest a man, that the Spanish press have nicknamed ‘El Sniper’, after Ramirez (the nutter’s real name) spent two years taking covert photos of the Galacticos players and staff, just outside the La Liga giant’s training ground.

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When convicted in court, it was revealed that Ramirez had photos of other celebrities in the comfort of their own homes, with mocked up sniper targets on their head.

I killed Cristiano and Perez. And I have shown that there are major security flaws.

El Sniper in court

Thankfully, if the nutcase had tried to make these mocked up photos a bit more ‘real’ the Real Madrid stars would’ve been safe; bullets would’ve ricocheted of Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair gel…

Cristiano Ronaldo definitely uses this bad boy from Year 7.
Cristiano Ronaldo definitely uses this bad boy from Year 7.

UEFA Team of the Year nominee, Keylor Navas, wouldn’t have let the bullets pass, Marcelo could’ve caught the shots in his outrageously unacceptable barnet or Pepe probably would’ve just swallowed the bullets, the mad man.

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