Griezmann had a few choice words for Ronaldo after Euro 2016 Final

Cristiano Ronaldo is probably used to the insults, now; you imagine that the Real Madrid superstar can’t go to supermarket without people of all ages calling him some sort of gay-based slur.

Actually, scrap that; you certainly can’t picture CR7 going to the supermarket; he’d get his entourage to go or Gareth Bale.

The latest girl in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life is way out of everyone’s league

It isn’t just insults from us mere mortals that the former Manchester United renegade has to deal with, though. Ronaldo has to fend off less than complimentary words from his fellow professionals, too.

After having to contend with this, during the recent Madrid Derby…

…it has been revealed that one of Ronaldo’s opponents on the night of the derby, a certain Antoine Griezmann, had recently told Cristiano that..

“It’s funny because shortly after the final, while I was on vacation in Miami, I met Antoine Griezmann in a restaurant where he was dining with his fiancee.

He came to see me at my table and told me, with a cheeky smile, ‘Cristiano, I hate you!'”

Cristiano Ronaldo

Somehow we can’t imagine it was tongue-in-cheek from the Euro 2016 top goalscorer. However, we do fully believe that the three-time Ballon d’Or winner believes it was – when you spend 12 hours a day in front of the mirror, saying compliments to yourself, you certainly would build up high levels of delusions and self belief.

Commenting upon the actually game, itself, Ronaldo had the following to say:

“We won purely because I morphed into a better looking Sir Alex Ferguson on the sidelines. Sometimes I think I taught Fergie everything he knew”

Ok, he didn’t actually say that – although you wouldn’t put it past Ronaldo. Here’s what the Portugal talisman actually had to say:

“I was convinced that serenity was the key to everything. We knew we had a big advantage in that we were not the favourites.

“When we started warming up on the pitch, I felt the French looked a bit too relaxed. They were smiling a lot. You have the right to smile before a game but they all seemed very happy.



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