Dele Alli’s huge prediction about Tottenham teammate has just come true

It’s official; Tottenham and England’s latest golden boy, Dele Alli, can do no wrong – even when he isn’t actually playing very well (but, ssshhh; no one is mentioning that).

The former MK Dons playmaker called Spurs teammate, Harry Winks’, rise to stardom over four years ago, before anyone else had even heard of the kid who looks like he’s on a work experience placement.

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You’d have to be a cynical, miserable sod – the kind of person who purposely aims for a puddle when in the car, and passing by pedestrians – to not feel some sort of tug on the ol’ heartstrings when Winks celebrated notching his first ever Premier League goal, on his first start.

It was like the reaction your dog gives you, when you come home, despite having only been out for 10 minutes.

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Tottenham fans will now enter the usual, cliche cycle that fans go through when a young player shows a slight glimpse of promise: firstly, they will laud Winks as the future of English football, which will be closely followed by suggestions that Real Madrid might one day try and sign the midfielder.

Secondly, comes the midfielder’s first bad game in his fourth start for the Lilywhites; cue social media vitriol, including fully grown men @ing 20-year-old Winks, telling him to, something along the lines of, “fuk yo self n den leav ma club #YIDS”.

Thirdly, Winks will then join Tranmere Rovers on loan. And then the club will release him, probably in 12-18 months, with fans tweeting their relief at seeing the back of young Harry.

Think I’m wrong, go check out Marcus Rashford over at Manchester United, after his performance against Arsenal.

So yeah, fans are weird and Dele Alli can predict things – that’s pretty cool.

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