Larsson versus the Swedish ultras has just taken another turn

Ultras; whatever the country, whatever the club, they’re all absolutely terrifying. If it’s not the Italian ultras picking a fight with their own club captain, it’s the Polish ones just about breaking UEFA

And now it’s over to Sweden, and remember that bloke, Henrik Larsson? Yeah, that geezer; the one with a better goals to game ratio than George Best with birds on a night out. Well, the Celtic legend, and his son have been turned into the Mauro Icardi of Sweden.


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Larsson’s, Helsingborg, confirmed relegation from the Swedish top flight made a few fans go into West Ham-Millwall mode; and Larsson’s son, Jordan, was at the forefront. Pitchforks and knuckle dusters were replaced for flares, and wait for it… corner flags.

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Looks like a scene where you’re the son, trying to front-up, only for your old man to then come along and take control. And to be fair to Larsson’s Snr. and Jnr., neither of the pair shy away; after Jordan had his shirt stripped in a gesture from the ultras saying he’s not fit to wear it.

If anything, Henrik tries to do his best ‘Bruce Lee’ impression…

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Bruce Lee himself had this to say on the matter after the game…

“I’ll have to look one extra time over my shoulder. I guess I can’t go out alone so much in the future. I have plenty of dogs at home, it’s no problem.

“Eight or nine minutes before the scuffle, they rejoiced at his goal [Jordan]. It is important for the club that we identify those who were on the pitch.”

Henrik Larsson

Thank god for the dogs, Henrik.

We hope that following the clubs relegation in 23 years, that both the Larsson’s remain at the club to get one back on the ultras. Bloody scumbags, especially as they go around camouflaging themselves in oversized North Face puffer jackets.

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