WATCH: Carlos Tevez at the centre of a mass brawl

Carlos Tevez, the ultimate renegade of the beautiful game? The former Manchester City striker is certainly up there.

Truth is, the Argentine is very much of the Nicolas Anelka mould; neither will be remembered, due to their lack of loyalty, but they could’ve been club legends had they not been pricks and settled down.

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Controversy has followed Tevez throughout his career, from when West Ham pretended they didn’t obtain him illegally and basically just found him left on their doorstep, to refusing to warm up during a Champions League game for Manchester City.


Tevez, like all tortured South America footballing geniuses seem to do, opted to return to his motherland, despite having some of his best ‘kicking a ball’ days ahead of them – although, this shouldn’t be a surprise anyone, really; Tevez once turned down a call-up to the Argentina national squad, for the 2014 World Cup, due to the fact he wanted to take his family to Disney World.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Anywho, there doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by, where the stupidly passionate South American game hasn’t descended into some sort of 22-man brawl. And naturally, Tevez always seems to be there or thereabouts when the action kicks off.

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Tevez and his Boca pals took umbrage with Central’s, Teo Gutierrez, celebrating in front of Boca’s home fans. However, we still believe the biggest crime committed is the black shirt worn by one of the manager’s – 00:16 in – it’s like he’s off to a Year 7 school disco with one of Matalan’s finest.

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