Old Trafford suffered a huge security breach hours before Arsenal game

Old Trafford has seen some things over the years; other than breaking a Scotsman and a Dutchman; it’s banned 7-year-old’s, and it had bomb gate last season, which equated into one of the most pointless games to possibly ever be played in the Premier League.

Other than that, you had Manchester City fans thinking it was a good idea to go and trash the toilets; what are they thinking here? We have absolutely no idea.

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

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And, now, in a slightly different toilet angle; we have Manchester United fans involved with the WC’s. Two United fans, snuck away from a stadium tour on Friday; pitched up a tent – not literally – in the bog, and stayed there overnight so that they could be in the ground for the match against the Gunners.

Seriously committed, or seriously foolish? We think the latter, particularly given the fact they got caught Saturday morning, and were chucked out the ground ?.

Saying that, that was probably more of a result compared to witnessing Frenchman/porn star lookalike, Olivier Giroud, breaking United’s hearts with a last-minute equaliser, and consequently nailing another coffin into a predictable Europa League finish for the Red Devils fans.

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Seriously, the fans are better off keeping out the ground; who wants to watch one more Jose Mourinho tantrum as the Reds succumb to another draw with either Stoke or Burnley, and now the most recent mediocrity of Arsenal, who looked more jaded than my nan after her 80th birthday. Shocking, and not the form for a top four side, let alone winning the bloody title.

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