Conte makes not-so-subtle dig at Mourinho

We’re all guilty of mugging off Victor Moses at some point or another, but his recent form suggests that we may have spoken too soon.

Chelsea’s mob boss, Antonio Conte, has rejuvenated the Nigerian’s Blyes career and has been singing his praises, and the Italian hasn’t held back, by digging at ex-gaffer Jose Mourinho’s use of the former Wigan Athletic man.

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Moses joined Chelsea back in the 2012/13 season, however, the 25-year-old was sent on a number of different footballing adventures in the space of just a few years. By that, of course, we mean that he’s had more underwhelming loan spells than John Terry has had controversies.

Mr Conte seems absolutely baffled by this, and as reported by Metro he made his feelings about the situation very clear.

“I noticed his potential from the first days of the summer retreat.

“Moses has important qualities: technique, physical strength, the ability to cover seventy metres of the pitch. I find it incredible that someone like him has been overlooked.”

First off, retreat makes it sound like they all went on a romantic getaway, and secondly, the 47-year-old may as well have been looking down the camera holding up a big “Nice one, Jose; you dickhead” sign.

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If Conte was a musician he’d have written an entire album based on the mistreatment of Moses under the past regime, entitled “My Beloved Victor”. The man is clearly doing wonders for the player’s confidence, even getting him to adapt into a wing-back position in order to suit the 3-4-3 formation.

So to sum up, Conte is absolutely loving his current position and we can likely expect a retaliation from Mr Grumpy himself relatively soon.

The ultimate Wenger and Mourinho combined XI

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