10 better alternatives than Bruce Arena for the USMNT job

Ethan Tait

Jurgen Klinsmann has been fired and Bruce Arena has been appointed. The USMNT is in a really shitty situation just two games into the Hexagonal

American soccer is in a transitional stage that will be just that until the likes of Sunil Gulati and Don Garber are ousted as the snakes that run soccer in America. Bruce Arena will prove to be ineffective and the US will be in a similar situation after his first stint.

Here are 10 better alternatives to Bruce Arena:

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The ability of US Soccer to consistently fuck up is second to none and will continue to do so until the powers at be are removed from their posts. There are a few MLS managers that can get the job done with the USMNT and Bruce isn’t one of them.

Most of the country is happy with the removal of the “foreigner” that was in charge of the national team side, but his time wasn’t up yet. The USMNT doesn’t have a better alternative at the moment and Arena should already be on borrowed time.

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