Lee Westwood again proves why he’s the biggest legend on TOUR

Lee Westwood is golf’s elder statesman; charismatic, humble and gracious, he represents something you don’t see very often on TOUR.

“Just be yourself,” advised Billy Horschel, “too many guys try to be someone they’re not, just do you,” he added. Indeed, too many players build a facade around their character to appease sponsors, and it saps personality from the sport. Why do you think Andrew Beef Johnston is so popular? He hasn’t evolved his character for anybody and the fans love it.

Lee Westwood is much the same. Testimonials of his personality are in abundance, be it from patrons of a golf tournament, the beneficiaries of his charity, or the sponsors who work with him, everyone seems to have a good word to say about the Englishman. His true colours came through at last year’s U.S. Open. Faced with an officious onslaught from the USGA, Dustin Johnson was supported by the immovable diplomacy of his playing partner, Lee Westwood, who brought some much needed opinion to the shambolic ruling.

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Lee is currently playing in the BMW Championship at Wentworth and it’s here that we are reminded of his good nature. Nailing a hole in one on the par three 16th, Lee reaches for a pen and signs the lucky ball before handing it to a youngster looking on. Surely a moment that will stay with the kid for the rest of his life.

It’s a small gesture that doesn’t seem too taxing, but it would shock you to know how unconscientious some pro golfers can be. Brilliant stiff from Lee Westwood.

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