The US Soccer Federation has made its biggest mistake

Ethan Tait

US sports fans, in general, are a vile bunch that prefer to see a very limited scope in any situation. They don’t take much into consideration besides the matter at hand and only care about results, not what could happen when someone like Jurgen Klinsmann gets fired. 

Yes, Klinsmann kinda messed up with two consecutive losses in the Hex for World Cup Qualifying and put the USMNT in a spot where it is an uphill battle (that we should still overcome because ‘Merica). But Klinsmann offered something that previous American managers did not; soccer growth.

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In MLS and the US, there is a belief that a young player should wait their turn and then be introduced as an elder and be expected to produce at a high level. That’s bullshit. Klinsmann infused the national side with youthful players that are playing overseas where they were allowed to grow and make first team appearances. Without their European soccer education, Christian Pulisic, Julian Green, and Gideon Zelalem would just be another set of American teenagers playing college soccer attempting to make their way into the MLS.

Klinsmann provided the USMNT with a strong base to the future that it seems will be undone by soon-to-be national team coach, Bruce Arena. The man actually believes that we shouldn’t rely on players that play in foreign leagues for our national team. What the fuck are we going to do without basically our entire backline and the likes of Pulisic and John Brooks?

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The national team shouldn’t be punished for the small scope of a small coach (well, not small because Arena looks like a sausage roll). The USMNT needs a coach that can build on the growth of what the former did instead of tearing it down in a destructive manner. Sounds a lot like American politics at the moment…

Another downfall of this whole situation is the impact that this appointment (by nepotism) will have on the USMNT as well as the MLS. Jurgen Klinsmann continually voiced his opinion on the stupidity of the the US soccer pyramid that ceases to exist. Arena doesn’t give a flying fuck.

Klinsmann supported the adoption of promotion/relegation in the US and stated how that would positively impact the growth of US soccer and allowed for more players getting introduced to the national team fray.

Klinsmann did have some dodgy tactics at times for the national team and he isn’t the best manager, but the US was far better with him than they are with Bruce Arena. Sunil Gulati and the rest of the cronies will have to deal with the mess they’ve created and watch as Arena fails to do much of anything with the side for a second time.

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