The wonderful Ronaldo story from the Sporting Lisbon game people missed

Cristiano Ronaldo; the agendas have already been set. And sadly for the Real Madrid icon, agendas are rarely dropped or altered.

Messi is the angel; CR7 the devil – the devil who pays his taxes, though; Messi is the pure footballer, Ronaldo is the supercharged robot. Messi is the type of guy to hold the door open for you, whereas Ronaldo is the kind of bloke who wouldn’t give up his seat for an elderly passenger on public transport.

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The truth is, the duo are probably just like the rest of us; they avoid people they know in the supermarket, they stare angrily at the back of a queue-jumper’s head (without ever actually doing anything about it) and they would take a bullet for their children.

Ronaldo reminded us, again, that he’s just a human, like me and you – with a bit more cash to splash – after Real Madrid’s Champions League victory over his former club, Sporting Lisbon.

The story below, reminds you why we all love football; the youthful exuberance that anything is still possible; it embodies the reasons why we all wanted to be a footballer when growing up, why we fell in love with the beautiful game, when you’re at an age when the game is still just that, beautiful.

Thank you, Cristiano; for still understanding what football means to the children out there, who haven’t become cynical over football – and life in general – just yet.

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