Neymar set to be charged with two-year prison sentence

At school, we are all told not to be bad people; don’t do drugs, don’t be horrible to people and definitely don’t try to not pay tax on any money you earn – ok, the last one may well be a stretching of the truth, but Barcelona’s La Masia could certainly do with adding it to the curriculum.

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Neymar has joined a pretty prestigious club at Barcelona, that includes Javier Mascherano and chief renegade, Lionel Messi, in being a bit sly with his ol’ receipts.

The Brazilian international is accused of concealing a few Euros under his mattress in relation to his high-profile move from Santos to the Nou Camp. And now, Spanish prosecutors are hoping to slap the Samba star with a two-year prison sentence and a $10.6million fine.

Of course, because of the totally bizarre and, what feels, unfair rule in Spain, that a first offence – which carries a two-year or less sentence – doesn’t have to be served. Apparently there’s something in the small print of the Spanish legal system that also says, if you’re a superstar Barcelona player, you’ll never be issued with, no matter what the crime, a prison sentence longer than two years?.

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Would be great if we didn’t pussy-foot round our corrupt celebrities, and instead the likes of Neymar, Messi and Mascherano were forced to do the time.

Would be interesting to see if the trio would be more Prison Break or Orange Is The New Black. And whether Barcelona could cope without any of their locked up trio.

And whilst all this corrupt bollocks is going on over in Barcelona, Ronaldo is continuing to be the compassionate superhero.

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