Mkhitaryan fires Mourinho shots over Twitter

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the latest unlucky sod to take the hit in Jose Mourinho’s manipulation games, looks to be fighting back – in a bitchy, Mean Girls kinda way, though.

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Mourinho’s use of the last campaign’s Bundesliga player of the season has been, well, peculiar, and further fuels underlying rumours that super-agent/wanker, Mino Raiola, insisted that the Red Devils could only bag Paul Pogba if they took his other client – yep, you’ve guessed it, the Armenian international.

Closer to the truth is that Mourinho is trying to deflect criticism from himself, by pretending his squad, the most expensively assembled one ever, is still a good couple of transfer windows away from being ‘ready’.

“We need quality players, but you can not do it in one to two transfer windows.

“You cannot buy four or five players in one go of the level that we need.”

Jose Mourinho

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Jose is well known for pushing his players under the bus, as Juan Mata and Eden Hazard found out at Chelsea. And Henrikh Mkhitaryan has received the same treatment – along with current teammates Luke Shaw and Chris Smalling – with the (not so) Special One calling the attacking-midfielder out on more than one occasion.

“I told him Arsenal was not the game for you.

“I don’t think he needs 10 or 20 minutes from the bench. He needs less pressure and better conditions for him to express his qualities.

“I think he needs a good game and he needs to either start or, if not, to come on for the second half.

“He is trying. He is not happy but he is transforming his frustration in a good way, which is to close the mouth and work hard and try to adapt.”

Jose Mourinho

We, of course, aren’t privy to the finer details that go on in training. However, it’s clear that Mkhitaryan doesn’t believe anything has changed, in regards to his ability, and isn’t doubting his ability to succeed at United.

Remember, Henrikh; Twitter sees everything?


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