Manchester United have just ended Martial and Rashford’s time at Old Trafford

Ethan Tait

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s decision to join Jose Mourinho and company at Old Trafford this summer brought a hype train like no other. The personality of the big Swede carries a lot of weight and carried a lot of false hope for United fans. 

Manchester United have confirmed that they will be using their second-year option for Zlatan to return to the Theatre of Dreams for the 2017/2018 campaign. However, little do they know, they will regret the move come the end of the current season; Zlatan is no longer the striker that was feared around Europe and hasn’t been for a long time.

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Playing in Ligue 1, I Am Zlatan scored some fucking bangers and a massive amount of goals, but it’s the French league. For fuck’s sake, Olivier Giroud managed to score 21 goals in Ligue 1 prior to his move to North London. Zlatan honestly should be scoring 50+ if he’s half the striker he talks himself up to be.

Executing the option on Zlatan is more of a PR stunt than anything, as it truly doesn’t benefit the side in a positive manner. He’ll sell some shirts because of what’s he done outside of United, but his presence on the field is detrimental the squad and the potential transfers in and out of Manchester United.

“For me, Zlatan isn’t a great player. I’ve said it over 200 million times.”

Christophe Dugarry

The God of Manchester has managed just six goals in the Premier League thus far, from 59 shots, ungodly numbers to say the least. The whole ‘conquering’ act is getting a bit old, Zlatan.

With Zlatan in the side and the focal point of the United attack, Manchester United won’t finish in the top-four or be back in the Champions League anytime soon. The side needs to grow and be able to use the likes of Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford a bit more regularly in tandem with each other; Manchester United could end out losing the golden boy, Martial, if they keep him off the pitch in favor of Zlatan.

United needs to focus on the future rather than a striker reliving his glory days under Mourinho. The risk of losing the pair to a Premier League rival is very real – especially with Arsene Wenger being a known admirer of Anthony Martial and that’s the last thing Mou should want to happen, but Ed Woodward has done crazier so who knows what could happen.

Who wants to fucking play second fiddle to an aging striker with a god-complex? Absolutely no one, except Rashford. The poor, naive bastard seems to be enchanted by the striker.

Ryan Giggs’ ultimate XI has no room for King Eric?

Talks of bringing Antoine Griezmann should halt as no one would expect the high-flying Frenchman to play on the flank in favor of Zlatan, but Mourinho would do it in order to keep Zlatan happy. Jose Mourinho must get his head out his ass and realize the grave situation he has put himself in with the over usage of Zlatan.

United needs to be saved from their god and by god they need salvation sooner than ever.

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