One-time Premier League winner’s arrogant response to near-death experience

Jeffrey Schlupp? Anyone? No, didn’t think so – but Wikipedia apparently suggests that the Ghanaian contributed to Leicester City’s title triumph last season. 

And for that reason, the full-back/winger hasn’t really got the right to such a response when writing off a £190,000 worth car. Apparently the former Brentford loanee said:

“I ain’t bothered. Just get the car recovered.

Oh well, I’ve got three other cars to choose from.”

Jeffrey Schlupp

Sorry, pal, but who do you think you are?! We all know you’ve got a back-up motor due to the generosity of the Foxes owners, but, still, bore off with your arrogance. Particularly when you write off a car as beautiful as this… #RIPLambo

Source: Mirror
Source: Mirror

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It looks like a bloody Batmobile, and there’s no way Bruce Wayne would treat it that way. Aside from the car given to the title winner, the 23-year-old also reportedly owns a Range Rover Sport, and a Mercedes sports. Bloody hell; I’m 23, and pretty proud of my Vauxhall Corsa.

Schlupp was a second-half substitute in the Foxes table topping Champions League group victory over Club Brugge, as Leicester almost look certain to do the impossible; win the Champions League and get relegated in the same season… Dilly-ding-dilly-dong ?

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Whatever happens to Leicester, and Schlupp, whether the Ghanian stays at Europe’s most unpredictable club, or ends up with Tony-I’ve-got-a-cap-stiched-to-my-head-Pulis, at West Brom; there’s no room to be acting like a prick on the M1, and coming back to reporters with arrogant responses.

The winger has come back fighting over Twitter, claiming he never said such a thing…

But, it doesn’t really matter?! You still wrote off a car in terrible fashion, mate. Come out on social media apologising rather than acting all defensive!


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