8 players you had no idea have a World Cup winners’ medal

The FIFA World Cup is prestigious. Only the best of the best get to lift the Jules Rimet trophy – or so you’d think. Over the years a mixture of unknown and generally distinctly average players have picked up a winners’ medal, and these are the best of the bunch.

Well, ‘best’ may be the wrong word in this case. Some are great players, meanwhile some are just kind of there. Like a bad smell or that guy that pops up at the party even though he wasn’t invited.

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There you have it. In terms of a starting XI and one sub of shocking World Cup winners, you can’t get better than this in recent history. Sure, there are many more that could have qualified over the years, but these are definitely the most notable – and in some cases, just plain awful.

Moral of the story is ‘never give up on your dreams, kids; even Stephane Guivarc’h has a World Cup winners’ medal.’

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