Lionel Messi has revealed the stadium with the best atmosphere

The debate around who’s got the best atmosphere is forever undecided; forever an argument. No West Ham, don’t include yourselves in the debate, and to be honest, your European giants of your Barcelonas, Real Madrids, or the Milans; they can’t include themselves as they rarely fill the grounds, and only have a few thousand making any form of noise.

You’ve then got your Turkish clubs; absolute racket! Terrifying. ‘Welcome to Hell’, and all that – it would scare the living daylights out of players. Liverpool as well, to be fair, although it’s a cliche, the atmosphere the Reds create on European nights is nothing short of spine tingling.

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Anyway, the second greatest player who’s graced the game – Messssiiiii – has revealed his favourite ground to play in. From the atmosphere to the ease of picking up a result; the Argentine has gone to good ol’ Glasgow…

“I’ve been fortunate enough to play in some great stadiums in Europe with Barcelona but none compare to Celtic

“The atmosphere their fans create, make it a very special European night of football

“The games against Celtic were special and I want to remember them.

“It is the best atmosphere in Europe and we all want to experience that again.”

Lionel Messi

Some compliment from the Barca man; and the No. 10 proved how much enjoys playing at Celtic Park by bagging a brace in Barcelona’s Champions League victory, which equated to a 9-0 aggregate in the pair’s group games. No bloody wonder Lionel wants to get himself back to Glasgow.

But, in all fairness, if we could go to one stadium for a European night, the Scottish champions would be right up there; ‘Celticcccc, celticccccc, come on you boys in green’…

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Sadly, though for the ‘boys in green’; they won’t even be getting Europa League football after a dire group stage campaign where they look certain to finish bottom of the group, which contains just ‘a German team’…

So, don’t worry Brendan Rodgers boys; you won’t be in Europe anymore, but you’ve got a killer atmosphere.

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