Martin Kaymer has the perfect response to Tiger Woods’ backlash

Surprise surprise. Another video came out today relating to Tiger Woods’ arrest on Monday, this time showing him struggling within the police station to use a breathalyzer. Again, you can watch that somewhere else.

If you’ve seen the other videos, you already know that Woods was out of it. He was clearly impaired by the drugs he took and therefore his consequence was getting arrested under the charges of driving while under the influence, with a court date pending. But that hasn’t been his only consequence.

The immediate backlash Woods received was and has been intense over these past few days. Everyone is watching these videos that the police released to the public and everyone has an opinion about it. Of course in no time at all, Tiger has turned into a meme and therefore the laughing stock of the country, even more so than the POTUS himself.

It’s sad that while he is getting unbelievable support from the golf organization itself, including players and the PGA Tour commissioner, the fans are the ones that are taking their judgement too the next level. It will be fleeting, as every viral circumstance is, but right now, the world is kicking Tiger while he is already lying on the ground.

This is what Martin Kaymer felt the need to respond to, as he watched the world crush one of the most influential golfers ever. His words and strong and yet kind, bringing out a side of Kaymer that he doesn’t show often.

His words should strike a cord with anyone who is truly listening. Tiger Woods has done more for golf than any golfer ever has. While Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer are legends of the game, Woods brought a whole new element to the field by broadening the spectrum. He made people who had never watched golf before interested in the game, creating a rowdy and exciting environment in which golf had never seen.

He may not be in the field anymore, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about his impact because of a couple mistakes. It’s really not even the mistake that’s the issue. It’s this culture of creating hilarity out of someone else’s misfortune that is wrong. Thank you Martin Kaymer for speaking out and hopefully some will listen.

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