Linesman set to be sacked following the Real Madrid match

We all know the shuffle midweek when the Champions League is on; lets try get out the office as soon as we can, get the best seats at the pub/sofa (for the quiet games), and settle in for 90 minutes of European football. 

Whether your team are playing or not, it still a makes for better viewing than ‘I’m-a-bloody-celebrity’, or MasterChef; and one man in particular, Douglas Ross, has taken this to new levels.

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Absolutely brilliant. Bore off, Angus.

Douglas Ross, Tory justice spokesman in Holyrood by day, linesman by night. Yup, the Member of Scottish Parliament was meant to be at an important meeting on policy on Tuesday evening, but decided to up-sticks, and officiate the match in Portugal between Sporting Lisbon and Real Madrid.

Seriously, who can blame the lad?! Seems like total sense to us. Put it on some scales; talking a load of yardy-yardy-ya and not getting anywhere with jumped up politicians, or go officiate a game involving Los Blancos, and CR7! We know what we’d do.

Here the renegade is, spending his night behind Karim Benzema rather than Ruth Davidson!

Source: Sports Yahoo
Source: Sports Yahoo

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The lad is no muppet of a linesman, as the 33-year-old has officiated for high profile games such as the Old Firm Derby. And, his passion to run the line caused him to miss a shed load of important meetings in September as he was on a five day referee course in Switzerland ?.

What a legend!

However, his wanky politician ‘mates’ don’t quite see the funny side, or are as forgiving towards Ross’s passion for the beautiful game

“The arrogance and blatant disrespect of ‘three jobs’ Tory Douglas Ross is simply staggering.

Obviously he values his £40k-a-year weekend job – and all-expenses paid trips to Lisbon and other European cities – more than his responsibilities as an MSP and local councillor, demonstrating complete contempt for the people who elected him.”

Ben Macpherson, SNP

Oh grow up, lad, course Ben’s part of the SNP as well; bet he’s the sort of bloke who brings Powerade to a party.

We’ll see what happens to Douglas Ross, fingers crossed he stays in the Scottish Parliament so he can wangle policy to be more in line with footy mid-week.

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