Bubba Watson “bows back” at a heckler after monster birdie putt

Despite the fact that he recently released an emoji app, Bubba Watson remains a divisive figure on the PGA Tour.

The emoji app, Bubbamoji, is really neither here nor there, but it’s just something that demands to be worked into a piece. Anyway, it’s not surprising, then, that Gerry Lester Watson found himself dealing with a heckler during the third round of the Memorial Tournament.

On Muirfield Village’s 18th hole, Watson faced a 20-footer for birdie. The heckler had been laying on thick during Watson’s final hole of the day. So when he made the putt, Bubba felt obliged to offer his detractor a bow.

“Obviously not a Bubba Watson fan,” Watson said. “It started early. It started about 50 yards short of the green. He kept going. I’m taking a guess, he wasn’t drinking water like I was all day. But it’s one of those things. I don’t mind a heckler, but when kids are around and stuff, you try to be quiet about it if you’re going to use the wrong language. And so it was just one of those things. It doesn’t matter if I had three-putted, I just wanted to get him out of here because I don’t think that’s right.

“I’m out here trying to grind and get better at the game. I wasn’t yelling at him. I didn’t like for him to yell at me, calling me a bunch of names and different things. I told [caddie Ted Scott], Watch over there, when I get over this putt he’s going to yell something, that was common sense. When I got over to do my practice strokes, he started yelling.”

One thing’s for sure, as Watson indicated, he probably wasn’t drinking water. At least, let’s hope he was pretty well lathered, otherwise the heckler is even more of an unrepentant ass than previously thought. Seriously, even if you don’t like Watson, showing him a modicum of respect, especially with children in earshot is the only move unless you’re searching for world-class jerk status.

Watson then made this joke to reporters, and then made it clear he was joking, as he’s often portrayed as, how do we say, a baby, in the press.

“I said, That’s it. Teddy, will you tell me who it is, and let’s get the police officer,” Watson continued. “Teddy got the wrong guy first, but then they pointed him out. I did sign a glove for that guy who got handcuffed first — no, I’m just playing with you. Nobody was handcuffed, by the way, that was a joke. Bubba said a joke again.”

Funny stuff, Bubba.

But as a sidebar. If you’re wondering why the gentleman in question felt compelled to let Watson have it, or why he has his share of haters, check out this aptly titled video: “Bubba Watson’s Asshole Moments.”

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