11 awful Man United players who have more Premier League titles than Gerrard

Have you heard, Steven Gerrard has retired?

Of course you have, because social media is awash with deluded claims from Liverpool fans, who believe Stevie Me is the best centre-midfielder to grace the Premier League – they seem to have forgotten that Frank Lampard and Jack Wilshere are CMs.

Gerrard’s legacy will be *that* slip and his inability to never win the Premier League title with his beloved Reds. Which is all the more baffling when you consider some of that shite that Sir Alex Ferguson guided to a medal!

When you see that list of below-average footballers, it’s quite amazing that Stevie G doesn’t have a title or two, to his name.

Probably regrets not jumping ship for Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea; loyalty gets you nowhere in football, lad.

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