The seven moments Steven Gerrard wants to forget

This week, Steven Gerrard broke the sad news that he would be bringing the curtain down on his playing days, marking the end of an era for the millions of fans who watched him go from a makeshift right-back to one of the world’s leading midfielders.

The Liverpool legend has enjoyed a stellar career in the game, and while some publications may be using this as a timely opportunity to celebrate his greatest hits – that night Istanbul, the thrilling FA Cup Final with West Ham – we think it’s the perfect time to re-live those times when Stevie G… slipped up.


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To be fair, at least none of these gaffes followed an inspirational captain’s speech in which Gerrard implored his teammates not to let their once-in-a-lifetime title bid slip away…


On a lighter note for Stevie G, check out the nine times Steven Gerrard made football perfect…

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