Evra proves why he’s a much better bloke than Anderson

You know the sort of bloke in the school team? The one who had bugger all going for him, yet when the team experienced success, he was suddenly Billy big bollocks of the changing room. The one to pipe up at any opportunity, acting as if he was adding to the team.

Look no further than former Manchester United midfielder, Anderson, as just that sort of bloke. The one who harps on about all the achievements he had in his career, when really, it was the team and the manager carrying the Brazilian. The midfielder has now shown his true colours, by completely unnecessary comments over Steven Gerrard’s retirement, when speaking to ESPN Brazil…

“I won everything at the club [Man United]. I won four Premier Leagues… A player like Gerrard, a player who has history in world football, didn’t win one. And I achieve four playing for the club.

“I was world champion at the club. I was Champions League champion. I played three Champions League finals for the club.

“When I arrived at the club, all the players embraced me. They always joked with everyone. The guys there are very nice. To this day, I’m passionate for that club. It’s the number one in the world for me.”


I mean, really mate?! How necessary are those comments? Fair enough, you might – unfairly – have a stronger CV than Stevie G, but to put you in the same bracket as the Englishman would be like tarnishing Bambi on ice himself, Andy Carroll, in the same bracket as Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Why’s the lad even commenting on the retirement of Gerrard? It hasn’t really got anything to do with him, and after trying to knock people out in training, and requiring a gas mask to play over in Brazil, we don’t really think the former United man has any right to be calling out Stevie G, and his missing Premier League titles.

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

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However, legend of the game, social media guru, captain of banter; whatever superlative you want to use for, Patrice Evra, has taken a different spin on his former rival’s retirement. Even with Evra’s past controversies with Liverpool – ahem, Luis Suarez – the Frenchman still has the dignity to sing Gerrard’s praises and congratulate him on his career.

‘I loveeeeeee thissss gameeeeeee’…

the most consistent English player!!! And a real captain!!! What a player ??#respect I love this game ahahhahaa

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What a compliment from the Juve man, and from a player who has a credible rivalry with Stevie G, after being part of the firm backbone to United’s ridiculously successful period prior to David Moyes and the like. We don’t think, Paul Scholes, will take too kindly to the comments; but, with Evra’s banter and general all-round attitude, it’s probably hard to stay mad at him for too long…

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