Stunt Slips Through Phoenix1’s Fingers Amidst Rumours Of A Return To Team Liquid

Ahead of the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, few League of Legends fans knew the name of William “Stunt” Chen. After a brief stint with Team Dignitas, the support found a new home with Phoenix1, thriving alongside Korean AD Carry star, No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon. Unexpectedly, Stunt is now on the move once again, presumably having secured a deserved starting spot with his former employers Team Liquid.

Highly-regarded within the NA LCS, Stunt will once again swap jerseys ahead of the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split. Having now experienced life with Team Liquid’s Academy squad, Team Dignitas and most recently Phoenix1, it is suspected that the endeared support player will return to the TL organisation once more to cement a spot in the starting roster.

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Phoenix1 were quick to announce Stunt’s departure from the organisation, ahead of his new team’s official roster announcement:

“Today we’re saying goodbye to William ‘Stunt’ Chen, and thanking him for his help this split.

“Stunt found an opportunity to join a different LCS roster, so we have allowed him to leave to pursue this opportunity. We wish him the best of luck in the future.

“Coach Fly and the rest of our team are excited to move forward with Shady as our support player.”

Phoenix1 Official Statement

All signs appear to point towards Stunt joining Team Liquid. Following Adrian “Adrian” Ma’s disastrous transfer from Phoenix1 to Team Liquid, TL were forced to fall back upon the inconsistent Matt “Matt” Elento as the team’s starting support for their survival bid in the Spring Promotion Tournament.

Stunt is entirely familiar with Team Liquid, having previously stepped up in the wake of Matt “Matt” Elento’s promotion from TLA to the main Team Liquid roster. Playing alongside former TLA AD Carry Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin, Stunt proved a capable lane partner for the former world champion. Yet after their 3-2 loss to Echo Fox in the Promotion Tournament, Stunt faded into obscurity in the off-season.

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Stunt subsequent addition to the sub’s bench of Team Dignitas’s newly-formed roster flew largely under the radar during the summer months. Whatever the original intentions may have been, Stunt’s situation quickly changed as Team Dignitas endured a rough start to their season and the play of starting support Alex “Xpecial” Chu was called into question.

Making his debut almost halfway through the split, Stunt would help guide Team Dignitas to a clean 2-0 series victory over Team EnVyUs in his first piece of NA LCS action. Although his performances on stage were not lacking, he would only play one more game for Team Dignitas before Xpecial regained control of the starting position.

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When Phoenix1 experienced internal issues that were severely impacting their team environment, it was decided the team would part ways with starting support Adrian “Adrian” Ma, acquiring Stunt as his replacement. The now well-travelled player immediately gelled with starting ADC No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon, as Phoenix1 compiled an 8-1 match record to end the season.

With a number of teams in the NA LCS struggling to find stability at the support position – namely Team Liquid and Echo Fox – Phoenix1 appeared to have made an excellent decision in acquiring Stunt from Team Dignitas. The opportunity for the former Team Dignitas man to clean sweep his former roster as Phoenix1 advanced to the playoffs semi-final served as a just reward.

Almost inexplicably however, Phoenix1 began to display a preference towards Jordan “Shady” Robinson over Stunt for the starting support position. Despite their convincing victory over Team Dignitas in the playoff quarter-finals, P1 announced that they had substituted Stunt and were instead using support Jordan “Shady” Robinson for their semi-final with Cloud9. The decision to start Shady over Stunt was certainly puzzling considering Phoenix1’s history of success with Stunt as the starting support.

It would certainly be understandable for Stunt to have harboured concerns for his future with Phoenix1. Despite garnering an impressive 11-2 record with the team, P1 Head Coach Kim “Fly” Sang-chul chose instead to start Shady, who now holds an 0-5 record in the starting roster.

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Stunt is certainly deserving of an outright starting spot in the NA LCS, as demonstrated by his phenomenal figures with Phoenix1. If the NA LCS third place finishers are willing to allow such a promising talent to slip through their fingers, it is hardly surprising to see that their rivals are willing to snap him up in an instant. Team Liquid will likely provide Stunt with the concrete starting position he was denied at Phoenix 1.

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