This PGA Tour pro has the funniest story behind his putter nicknamed “Sweet Love”

Daniel Summerhays is one of those golfers that you never hear about but has been on the Tour for some time. He’s been on Tour since 2011 but still looking for his first win.

The 33-year-old’s best finish was last year’s PGA Championship, where he won solo 3rd place by birdieing six out of his last ten holes. But today we’re here to tell you the story behind his putter’s interesting nickname “Sweet Love”.

Golf Digest caught up with the pro at Memorial after finish T10, his first top ten finish of the season. He was asked if putting has always been one of his strengths, and instead of just replying with a “yes”, he gave an entire back story:

“You know, I think you ask any of the people I played junior golf with in Salt Lake and that’s the one thing they’ll always tell you. That kid makes everything.

“But, no, there were definitely some times when — funny story, just a naive kind of sophomore in college at BYU, and I went off one day with the putter. I was making everything. And not just short, I was making 20, 25-footers. And I leaned over to Coach Brockbank and I said, ‘Coach, the putter is making sweet love to me.’ And so they named my putter Sweet Love. And even now I’ll get texts from some of my college teammates, ‘let Sweet Love loose today,’ or something like that.”

Summerhays is a Brigham Young University alum who spent three years there before finishing his senior year on Tour. It seems as though his Sweet Love was more victorious as a student than a professional, as it has yet to bring him a victory.

He finished T8 at last year’s U.S. Open, giving him a guaranteed spot this year at Erin Hills. Will Sweet Love become the lover he’s always wanted or continue to act like a married couple, only allowing for some savory moments here and there?

Also, if you didn’t know, the 5’8 pro can dunk like a boss. That is with the help of a wall. Daniel Summerhays, everyone.

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