El-Hadji Diouf has officially become the most deluded footballer

Adam Brown

Once again, El-Hadji Diouf is searching for some spotlight as he makes a sequence of audacious claims on French television. It seems that the Senegalese man won’t let go of a rivalry which he has elicited with Steven Gerrard; he may even dislike him more than Manchester United fans.

“When I arrived [at Liverpool] I showed him he was nothing at all. He was nothing at all.

“[he] was afraid of looking into my eyes””

El Hadji Diouf

What?! You feeling ok, pal?!

When Diouf strolled onto Melwood in 2002 as a ‘god’, well, he did in his own head; yeah, yeah, you assisted the winning goal against France (the world champions at the time) for his country, Senegal. And this proved to be a contribution which went to the player’s head like no other. The Senegalese forward felt that he was untouchable, funny that, when looking how his career went after moving on from Liverpool.

But, these comments following Stevie G’s retirement, just prove what an asbolute first-class donkey the bloke is. And of course, some of the old Anfield faithful have come striaght to Gerrard’s defence…


Diouf claiming that Gerrard was afraid of looking into his eyes, he could actually be the bloody African Joey Barton. For a player who had such a non-existent goal scoring record as a forward, he sure had a lot to say, and apparently still does. Riise proposes an interesting way to settle the feud – a 50/50 tackle – which would probably be the football equivalent of a western gun duel.

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There would only be one winner in that scenario really, but why does Diouf insist on this feud anyway? It seems that it’s been going on for over a decade now, surely retirement would see the end of it! The only spotlight which will be brought to light is the comparison between his and the Liverpool man’s career, which are complete polar opposites. As a small measure, in 2013, Diouf was playing in England’s second tier, Gerrard was doing this…

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Whether you are a Liverpool fan or not, anyone can see here that Diouf is being ridiculous. The former Doncaster Rovers and Rangers man is trying to be controversial for attention – ahem, we know some pundits like that – and it isn’t fooling any football fans. Football fans, regardless of rivalry, can recognise and appreciate world-class talent, just as silly as it would be for Liverpool fans to dismiss the talents of the likes of Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard, everyone can agree that Diouf is being a bitter fool.

Thankfully for Senegal, their reputation as a footballing nation won’t be tarnished by the behaviour of one player; mainly because they have produced many great footballers, including Africa’s best player today – Sadio Mane. If he continues his current form, he’ll probably end up with a statue.

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