Messi’s comments on Gerrard are perfect

Adam Brown

When footballers retire they usually will receive some nice messages before going into media/coaching or completely off the radar. Not often will Lionel Messi comment on the retirement of an English player – Messi was nowhere to be seen when Lee Bowyer left the game, but the Argentine star had some very nice words for Steven Gerrard’s exit

“Personally, I think Gerrard is England’s greatest player ever”

Lionel Messi

To be praised by Lionel Messi must be great for Gerrard, he probably celebrated with a slide across his laminate flooring after seeing the comments, but the quote is sure to have caused some disagreement amongst English fans. Of course he’s not the only midfielder from his generation who was class – England also had the likes of David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard. It’s scary to think how England have gone from those four to what the Three Lions have today!

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It was clear from early on that Gerrard would be a star. In today’s age of social media, it will be tough for any player to keep as grounded and focused as some of England’s older players. Dele Alli is someone who has been considered as the next Gerrard by some – and to be fair he has scored some great goals, but will he ever have the consistency required to be at that level? He’s 20 and he’s already been involved in controversy with his registration to a celebrity dating app and ofcourse…

When speaking about Steven Gerrard or even England’s best ever midfielders, the current generation don’t come close. England have got noticeably worse in terms of individual quality. Some current players would not have been anywhere near the squad a decade ago.

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When a man can do that, he probably knows his football. Messi is right, as Gerrard is a player who has often carried Liverpool through both success and some nightmare times. He’s certainly proved his loyalty by staying at the club alongside some shocking players in recent years.

Scholes and Lampard have both enjoyed the luxury of playing in world-class teams who have always competed at the top since Roman arrived with his oil. Star-filled teams create an easier opportunity to be successful, especially in an era of the Premier League where the money was a lot less than it is now.

Could either of Scholes or Lampard guide their team to the Champions League with the likes of Djimi Traore in their team!? The Liverpool team wasn’t exactly world-class upfront either with Harry Kewell and Milan Baros – but Gerrard got the goal and led the team to victory (with some brilliance from Jerzy Dudek). Captain Fantastic.

It’s a shame that Gerrard didn’t win the Premier League as a player, for someone who continuously dragged Liverpool out the dirt, he deserved it. At least the fickle Chelsea fans will have a song to sing for the next 10 years, most of them probably havn’t heard of the likes of Jimmy Floyd-Hasselbaink or Jesper Gronkjaer. Never mind, the main thing is that Messi agrees with the city of Liverpool that Gerrard is England’s best ever player.

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