The story of how two former England stars wound up Capello

It’s hard to imagine Fabio Capello being the whipping boy in terms of shite “banter”-esque jokes but alas, it appears that was once the case. Many years ago during his England tenure, in fact, two England stars in particular took it upon themselves to wind the Italian up a treat.

Now let’s premise this by saying Fabio Capello is one scary fucker. There have been reports that just looking at him the wrong way can lead to castration, but that’s another story for another day. So, then, there must be some level of admiration for Jimmy Bullard and David Bentley who decided it was time to initiate their own brand of verbal punishment on the gaffer.

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“Bentley was my partner in crime when it came to taking the piss out of Mr Capello. I remember looking at the gaffer on my first day and thinking, ‘I can’t believe how much he looks like Postman Pat; it’s him!’ The only thing that was missing was the black and white cat.” – Jimmy Bullard

This may all sound rather petulant and that’s because, well, it is. But you can’t deny the fact that once you’ve noticed it you can’t un-see it. The truth is out; one of the most decorated managers of all time looks like an animated postman.

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“A daft scheme Bents and I came up with was seeing who could say ‘Postman Pat’ as loudly as possible within earshot of the gaffer. I’d walk past Capello and say ‘Postman Pat’ out of the corner of my mouth, but Bentley took it to another level when he would walk straight up to the boss and scream ‘Postman Pat!’ in his face before adding ‘And his black and white cat!’ for good measure.” – Jimmy Bullard

Honest to god Bentley must have had bollocks of absolute steel to do that to a man who probably has more than a few dead bodies in his closet.

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So, who is the real winner here? Probably the Italian, as Bentley is already retired at 32 and Bullard now manages lowly Leatherhead.


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