Messi has offended Gerrard and let himself down

Lionel Messi; the walking PR machine, an advertising board that runs, a brand that talks. And Steven Gerrard is the latest to be used in further heightening Lionel’s already God-like reputation. 

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Barcelona’s superstar had the following to say after Liverpool legend, Gerrard, announced he was hanging up his boots before anymore slip-ups:

“Personally, I think Gerrard is England’s greatest player ever”

Lionel Messi

This happens all the time. All. The. Bloody. Time. Prepped statements, propaganda, self-rewarding comments and insincere platitudes are thrown about when a high profile icon retires.

At least players like Anderson and El Hadji Diouf have the courage of their convictions and stand by their opinions (no matter how deluded they’re; yeah, Anderson, we’re looking at you).

If it were Frank Lampard, and not Gerrard, who had announced his retirement first, then Lionel Messi would’ve trotted out a similar comment on the Manchester City legend and former Chelsea player. However, if the Argentine international were to say such comments, they’d at least have a bit more weight to them, given how much more Messi saw of Lampard.

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Gerrard, no doubt, will down the line, probably during a drab BT Sport punditry appearance, throw out lines such as:

“I saw what Lionel said. Obviously that’s a great honour, for me; to be mentioned like that, by the best ever footballer.”

Stevie Me

It’s all a bit uncomfortable for Gerrard; he doesn’t need Messi’s insincere comments to justify his career. And Messi doesn’t need to churn out the ‘required’ sentiments.

Can’t wait for Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments when Gareth Barry, a player with 100+ more Premier League appearances than Gerrard, retires.

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