BEEF finds his way out of the U.S. Open obstacles with ease

Leave it to Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston to stay out of the drama and just have fun with whatever obstacles he’s handed. During his practice round at Erin Hills, Beef had some fun with his fellow European Tour compadre in the long rough and hard bunkers.

Tyrrell Hatton, said compadre, is another European Tour player who had a stellar 2016 season that lead to his appearance in all Majors and WGC events this year. Although he is looking for growth, sometimes an easy going attitude is all you need, take it from recent Masters winner Sergio Garcia.

Well, he was definitely letting loose with Beef as they displayed the difficult bunker play and tall fescue during a practice round:

BEEEF!! @beefgolf has got the bunkers covered this week 😂😂 #usopen #golf

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It's been a short game master class today @tyrrellhatton #usopen

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Peep the hand that comes out of the fescue, took a few plays to realize that was there. Probably Hatton laying there within the rough, waiting to lend Beef a helping hand. Instead of complaining about the conditions, these two decided to have fun with the venue they have to compete on and provided laughs for themselves and the world.

No one can hate on Beef, he’s so honest and hilarious and really brings something special to the game that hasn’t been there for some time. With the loss of Tiger Woods, golf scrambled for a while, looking for a player to fill that space but there was no one. Jordan Spieth is TOO good to fill that role, even though it seemed as though his abilities were going to get him there. Rickie Fowler brought color, but his lack of a major win has held him back from getting the credit he deserves. The thing is, there will never be another Tiger Woods, but golf shouldn’t be looking for one.

The breadth of players is so much more complex now, with winners ranging from rookies to veterans and everything in between. The presence of multiple greats is a good thing, even though the publicity isn’t as huge as it was with one dominant player.

Players like Andrew Johnston bring so much more, they bring an air of lightheartedness and honesty to the game, something fans need in abundance. The casual players laugh at themselves all the time, because the game of golf is HARD. So to be able to relate to professional golfers like Beef, brings fans closer to the game, not farther. BEEEEEF.

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