11 January transfer window Premier League bargains to be had

Premier League footballers can be top of the world one season, and training with the reserve team the next – just ask Bastian Schweinsteiger. 

That’s why it’s important that they capitalise when they’re at the highest point – the mercenaries label thrown at such players who do, is wide of the mark and out of order.

Conor Wickham is shit. And perhaps moved too early for his development to Sunderland. But there’s no saying the Premier League’s big boys would’ve come back in for him next season, so he had to take his opportunity. Much like Robin van Persie did,  and Jamie Vardy didn’t.

Due to the ever changing opinions of players, as they go from flavours of the month, to the changing room football boots cleaner, it means there’s a few top quality players out there, who won’t cost clubs an arm or a leg.

And they say there’s no value left in football! This bunch just need a fresh start somewhere, and won’t even cost half of their true value.

As well as these bargain buys, have a look at the nine Premier League players who are too good for their clubs… 


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