Redeemed G2 eSports Fight Back To Defeat Flash Wolves After Wounding SKT

After lifting the curtain on the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational Group Stages with a spirited performance against the undisputed World Champions SK Telecom T1, Europe’s G2 eSports claimed their first win of the tournament with victory over Flash Wolves. G2 stepped out onto the Rio de Janeiro stage looking for regional redemption. On reflection of their Day 1 performances, the EU LCS champions have taken their first step towards achieving that goal.

Overwhelmingly dominant within the EU LCS for over a year, G2 eSports underwhelming international tournament results have been an unwanted black mark on an otherwise pristine record. To reverse the damage of their previous Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship antics provided the squad with a daunting challenge, made all the more formidable by their opening game against SK Telecom T1 at MSI 2017.

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G2 immediately dispelled the hex of last season’s tournament, firing themselves into an unexpected lead with a double kill on the SKT AD Carry and support. Not content to allow the occasion to wash over them, G2 grabbed themselves the first objective of the game as the icing on the cake:

In typical fashion, G2 eSports minor gold lead over SKT was swung back into the Koreans’ favour. A poor macro decision from G2 to prioritise rift herald over turrets put the European squad at a deficit from which they never recovered. Despite their promising early game, G2 began to lose their footing in the match.

SKT’s ruthless control of vision throughout the mid-game denied G2 any chance of a surprise counter-attack. Despite numerous attempts at an assassination using Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen’s Ashe, SKT were always one-step ahead, neutralising the threat whilst punishing G2 eSports elsewhere on the map, frequently exerting pressure on Daehan “Expect” Ki in the G2 eSports top lane.

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After SKT secured both the baron and the elder dragon, it was simply a matter of time before the clock struck zero for G2 eSports. Despite their opening defeat, a promising start and a spirited, proactive display had provided the European squad with plenty of reason for optimism heading into their second tie of the day against the highly tipped Taiwanese roster, Flash Wolves.

G2 eSports first victory at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational will be forever remembered as the Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen show. In contrast to the SKT match, the opening sequences vs Flash Wolves were an unusually quiet affair, allowing for Zven to slowly scale towards the late game… by which point he would become immortal.

G2 lost a number of objectives as the game approached its mid-point, but the EU LCS champs knew that their team composition scaled phenomenally into the late-game. G2 had built a perfect shield and siege team comp, all the pressure was on Zven to lead the squad to glory. Three Banner of Commands, two Knight’s Vows, two Redemptions, one Locket of the Iron Solari, one Mikael’s Crucible and one Ardent Censer: G2 had given Zven all the resources to succeed, it was time for the AD Carry to stand and deliver.

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Ultimately, one fight decided the entire game. After an army of minions had arrived at the Flash Wolves’ door G2 made their move for Baron. Staggered, the Flash Wolves fell directly into G2’s trap. With a strong engage and shields galore, Zven tore through the Flash Wolves before the entire G2 troop charged down the map to secure their first win of the tournament.

G2 eSports have taken their first step towards redemption on the international stage. A valiant defeat at the hands of SK Telecom T1 and a courageous victory over Flash Wolves has provided a solid foundation upon which the EU LCS champions will hope to build for the rest of tournament.

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