Toni Kroos is clearly feeling brave after disrespecting Cristiano Ronaldo

Toni Kroos has just taken himself off of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Christmas card list, after, no doubt, offending the bloke who thinks he’s the eighth wonder of the world.

The former Bayern Munich midfielder was asked, out of his current crop of Los Blancos stars, who does he wish was his international teammate for Germany?

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As you’ve gathered, Kroos, bravely, didn’t toe the party line and name CR7; he instead showed he’s a purist of the beautiful game and is still being one of the rare footballers who isn’t keen on just churning out the propaganda line to appease sponsors, fans and the club.

After watching the below video, like us, we are sure even the biggest Ronaldo fanboy won’t argue against Kroos’ choices!

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