Luke Shaw names obscure player as his toughest opponent

If a footballer isn’t doing his all-time best XI, then you can guarantee they’re answering a question on who is their toughest opponent they’ve faced – it’s almost like us media lot don’t have any originality in our line of questioning.

The latest to be hit with the inane line of questioning is Manchester United’s forgotten child, Luke Shaw. Although, it’s great to know that the former Southampton left-back is still alive and well, and that the dungeon Mourinho is keeping him, Mkhitaryan and Schweinsteiger in, hasn’t sucked all the laughter out of him, just yet.

“A lot of people rinse me for it, but Moses is the toughest opponent,’

“The power and strength he had… so direct, he never gave me a second to breathe.

‘I was pretty young, it was either my first or second season with Southampton, he was, now when I think back, my toughest game I’ve had.”

Luke Shaw

There’s two great things about these comments from the bloke the Red Devils faithful believe will one day become a greater English full-back than Danny Mills. Firstly, Shaw said “rinse me for it” like he’s on the set of The Only Way Is Essex or he’s been hanging out with Carl Jenkinson too much.

Secondly, Chelsea fans will now pretend that they’ve always rated a revitalised Victor Moses under Antonio Conte, and that Shaw’s naming of Moses is no surprise to them. Honestly, football fans kill me?!

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