Guns N’ Roses’ tribute to the Chapecoence team is perfect and beautiful

It takes a lot to shock you in this world; we’ve become desensitised to the disturbing, corrupt and upsetting stories that dominate our news – if we weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning. Therefore, it tells you the just how horrific the news of the Chapecoence team’s plane crashing was, given the outpouring of grief.

It wasn’t just the footballing world that felt the impact of the loss; this sort of tragedy hits everyone with an ounce of anything about them, hard. A moment of reflection is taken, appreciation for life and the trivial nature of arguments you’re having with loved ones – who continually leave dirty cups on the draining board, rather than loading the dishwasher – are made to seem even more insignificant than they already were.

Musical legends, Guns N’ Roses, were one of several high-profile legends who joined in the tributes to the devastated Brazilian club, Chapecoence, who saw just three squad members survive the crash into the Colombian mountains, just 30km from their destination.

We can’t really add much more. Other than to say, and we truly mean this at CLICKON Soccer, that our thoughts are with the loved ones of those affected. It could’ve been anyone.

Let’s remember, Chapecoense; the Brazilian, Leicester City; a beautiful story of underdogs thriving and fairy tales coming true.

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