WATCH: Alexis Sanchez controls football travelling at 88mph!

Arsene Wenger’s ‘Plan A’ has finally come through; Alexis Sanchez is, at long last, working out as the No.9 Arsenal have needed since Robin van Persie left for a Premier League winners’ medal.

Three braces in the league, so far this season for the Chilean international; all-action displays; leading by example and angering Olivier Giroud in the process. It all feels a lot more like the former Barcelona man’s debut season in north London.

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There’s an air of invincibility about Alexis, at the moment, and the striker can do no wrong; as proven by the fact the forward plucked a football out of the air, that was travelling quicker than Theo Walcott and Hector Bellerin combined: 88-miles-per-hour.

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This ‘viral’ and self-proclaimed #unreal videos that clubs put together are all well and good. However, could Sanchez do it without the immaculate turf, Premier League quality football boots and a cannon with a fixed setting? Get ol’ Sanchez doing it with boots that are either too big or missing a stud, whilst it’s pissing down at the local park and having balls fired at him from ‘Big Dave’ the local alcoholic who plays for the nearby Sunday League outfit.

Now *that* would be impressive.

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