Has Guardiola just named his potential Manchester City replacement?

Pep Guardiola; like a poker player in-front of a river, straight-faced, giving nothing away. Still, even the greats throw out the stupid comments now and again, and since arriving on English soil, Pep’s been no stranger to that.

However, the Spaniard is still that genius; that terrifying, football-obsessive man, whose compliments travel a thousand miles – not that, that’s hard with the way the media work ?. And, Pep is now suggesting who are the two most promising coaches in the world, after Marti Perarnau asked which two coaches have the greatest potential…

“Without any hesitation, he said, ‘Tuchel and Conte’.

‘He sees a lot of himself in Conte; his passion, his work ethic, the intensity of his game, his competitive drive and his determination to have the ball as much as possible.”

“Conte plays positional football too. It’s very different from my own but it’s a game of position and he does it very well.”

That seems fair enough, Antonio Conte has managed to make Chelsea football club a respectable side once again, whilst Thomas Tuchel led Dortmund to a solid second place finish last season. Not hard, when you consider there’s only one other decent side – oh shit – sorry, we forgot about the Bundesliga’s, Manchester City.

Still, Dortmund are slightly struggling this season, but a recent win over rivals Bayern Munich shows Germany’s version of the Tinkerman has a lot about him.

With Perarnau’s comments that Pep sees a lot of himself in Conte; makes you think, who would you prefer to receive the hairdryer treatment from in the dressing room – Conte or Guardiola? Bloody tough choice, but we think Pep would dish out a slightly quieter bollocking; lets hope for the sake of the Chelsea boys, that Antonio doesn’t suffer from halitosis…

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We’re just surprised Pep didn’t name his best mate, Jose Mourinho, after Man United’s very own Vladimir Putin said this of the Spaniard a couple of years ago…

“When you enjoy what you do, you don’t lose your hair, and Guardiola is bald. He doesn’t enjoy football.”

Pep will have the last laugh this season, though, as Jose competes with the likes of Tottenham and Everton for a prestigious Europa League spot, and Chelsea and City battle out for the trophy worth actually shouting about.

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