Liverpool’s greatest ever teenage goalscorers

Joshua Byers

Did anybody else out there find delight for Ben Woodburn? The little whipper snapper who scored his first ever Liverpool goal against Leeds earlier in the season; absolutely chuffed for the bloke, but also felt slightly ashamed that he has achieved so much more than myself despite having only lived for 17 years and 45 days.

Well, we thought we’d try to make you feel even worse by bringing you a list of all the teenagers to score for the Reds before turning 20. At least it might distract you for a while from the misery of your pointless existence.

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So, this question is: Will Woodburn turn out to be a Stevie Gerrard or a David N’Gog? As Jurgen Klopp would probably say, the best thing to do right now is take things one game at a time and see how they progress. One thing’s for certain is that whatever happens from here, he’s already accomplished something most people only every dream of.

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