Edinson Cavani has highlighted everything that is wrong with football

Edinson Cavani; a rare breed of striker who has made a name for himself at the top end of the beautiful game, despite needing 12-attempts-a-game to get a goal. 

Although not as good of a footballer as he seems to think he is, the Uruguayan international is certainly a stand-up bloke – definitely the type of guy you’d take home to meet the parents.

Upon scoring his 100th goal for PSG – from his 183746436009384752 shots since joining – Cavani celebrated by revealing a message to pay his respects to the devastated Brazilian football team, Chapecoense.

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Now this is where the governing bodies, the rules and regulations, the red tape, the blokes up in their ivory towers, who are so disconnected from the (not so) beautiful game, it’s embarrassing, come into play.

For revealing his message, Cavani picked up a yellow card for his troubles. Sure; rules are rules. But there’s always been that unwritten rule that referees are allowed that bit of common sense – although Mike Dean doesn’t possess such a trait.


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Offensive? Nope. Politically incorrect? Not even close. Disrespectful? No need to answer that. Anything other than compassionate and respectful? No.

The game went mad a long time ago, but now and then faith is restored that football isn’t bitter to it’s core, and the way the footballing world rallied around to support and pay their respects to Chapecoense restored a little bit of faith. However, moronic rules, as per, stomped out any glimpse of goodness that remains.

The truth is, the only reason you get a yellow card for lifting up your shirt, is because the shirt sponsor can’t be seen. And that’s when it can get its biggest exposure, when all eyes are on the goalscorer. But yeah, FIFA, UEFA, FA and any other of those pointlessly, pointless governing bodies will churn out ‘bringing the game into disrepute’ line.

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