Meet Brooks Koepka’s girlfriend; Jena Sims not Becky Edwards

Brooks Koepka won the 117th U.S. Open in historical fashion, catapulting his life into the mainstream media. After winning, Koepka was greeted by his girlfriend Jena Sims, who is getting plenty of coverage as well.

When the cameras rolled to Koepka giving Sims a quick hug and kiss, Fox announcer Joe Buck mistakenly called her Becky Edwards, who is actually Koepka’s ex. This created a frenzy for people wanting to know who this mystery girl actually was, since she was not in fact the professional golfer Brooks used to date (awkward).

Quick fun fact: Becky Edwards’ wikipedia page has been tampered with by a golf fan and it’s hilarious.

Anyways, Jena Sims is a model, actress and according to her website she is also a world traveler and award-winning philanthropist. The former Miss Georgia Teen USA has been in several prominent movies and TV shows, including “Entourage,” “Dexter,” “Kill the Messenger” and “Last Vegas.” She’s set to star in “Sharknado 5”, coming out in August.

Clearly Brooks is not the sole breadwinner in this relationship, and Sims is just further proof that golfers are overachievers when it comes to their women.

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