The stats prove how the Zidane hype needs to stop immediately

Ethan Tait

Anyone with the last name Zidane is treated with the utmost respect and held in the highest honour because of the Zinedine variety. The most senior Zidane is legendary and one of the best of all-time, but that doesn’t mean every time one of his kids touches a ball the whole world needs to lose their bloody mind. 

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Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey matchup against Sunday league team, Cultural Leonesa, proved to be little more than a training exercise for the Champions League cup holders, as Zidane fielded a team of youngsters. According to more bland news sources, the highlight of the match was the first competitive appearance for Enzo Zidane.

It definitely has a hint of nepotism to it, but we’ll look past that.

Another player with the Zidane family name on his back makes an appearance for Real Madrid and fans lose it. He’s not going to be his father, plain and simple. Real Madrid will probably sell him following the sacking of his father to a lower division side in France or Spain.

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It would be interesting to see the odds on which Zidane leaves Real Madrid first. And let us stress that Junior Zidane, although talented, still only has five goals to his name in 61 appearances for the Real Madrid B team. Yes, the Frenchman is a midfielder, but they’re still figures hardly worth writing home about. By contrast, Zidane Senior had 10 goals to his name and 35 senior appearance in the French top league in his first full season at Bordeaux… the Frenchman had just turned 21.

With Enzo being at the same age of 21, he’s not really the young superstar that Real Madrid are always looking for. Martin Odegaard will stay longer than Enzo Zidane at the Santiago Bernabeu, if he doesn’t throw a tantrum or hold out for more money because he’s definitely worth $100,000 per week.

Still, let us remind you who Enzo was making his debut against; a third division team that was excited to be on the same field that their heroes play on week in and week out. They knew they didn’t have a Roberto Soldado at Tottenham’s chance at winning the tie.

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Zidane should be applauded for using the match as a way to get youth players involved in order to save Fiorentino Perez from firing him, but nothing more should be read into the Enzo Zidane situation.

Yes, he’s of the same blood of the legend. Yes, he plays football. Yes, he plays for Real Madrid. But the comparison and hype should end right there. Kudos for scoring on your debut, but you should be looking forward to football that’s not at Real Madrid.

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