Joe Buck apologizes for on-air mistake: “I’ve done way worse”

Fox Sports announcer, Joe Buck, made an on-air goof when he mis-identified U.S. Open champ Brooks Koepka’s girlfriend. He ended up saying his ex-girlfriends name by accident, but was quickly corrected.

Buck felt the need to explain what had happened and after all that, it’s not even really his fault. He went on The Dan Patrick Show to tell the world what had happened:

“I’m happy that a long week of golf is in the books, and obviously with your boy Brooks, now we all know who he’s dating, especially me…I wasn’t up on that information,” Buck said. “I got handed a card by a buddy who was phenomenal all week, and it had old info on it.”

“We got it right before we got off the air, but that’s not the world we live in, these days, you have to do the apology tour for getting the week-old girlfriend wrong, so, sorry world.”

Players fill out cards with their information on it just in case they win, so the announcers know the names of family members or girlfriends in this case. It seems as though the card with Koepka’s information had not been updated since splitting with ex-girlfriend Becky Edwards.

“The only person I feel bad for in this whole situation is his ex-girlfriend,” Buck said. “I don’t know her name, I don’t know the name of the current girlfriend, the week-old girlfriend, and I probably won’t know going forward.”

There’s no doubt that after this little mix up, Becky Edwards and Jena Sims (current gf) were googled and ogled by golf fans everywhere. While Sims was presented as the beautiful actress/model girlfriend of Brooks, Becky was left with a tampered Wikipedia page.

Buck said that he left Wisconsin as fast as he could on Sunday, not wanting to linger and deal with the backlash of his mistake. “I got the hell out of Wisconsin. I just put the pedal down and said ‘See you.’” The guy goofed, he shouldn’t be shunned out of a state for that but in this day and age, you can’t get away with anything.

The funny thing is that Buck said he’s done way worse than this. He told a story about a time where he called a baseball player’s wife his mom:

“I’ve done way worse than this, that’s the funny thing. But it was before the age of Twitter and kind of click-bait stuff, when I asked [Arizona Diamondbacks player] Tony Womack at the end of a division series game when he was hugging a woman down on the field and I was interviewing him from the booth. Truth be told, I couldn’t really see [her]. But we had just been talking about how he lost his dad on Father’s Day that year. He’s hugging this woman and I said, ‘Hey Tony, I can’t imagine how that feels, who’re you hugging down there, is that your mom?’

“The needle came off the record and he goes, ‘No, that’s my wife!’”

See the full interview here:

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