WATCH: SKT Huni Plans To “Smash” MSI Competition But Shows GAM Disrespect

SK Telecom T1 are already the only team at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational with an unbeaten record. After Day 1 in Rio de Janeiro, the Korean champions convincingly dispatched both G2 eSports and the Gigabyte Marines to earn their place at the top of the standings. In his first international competition with the SKT lineup, Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon boisterously outlined his plans to smash his opponents as SKT work towards an ‘inevitable’ title defence.

Ahead of his move to the Korean powerhouse SK Telecom T1, Huni was openly mocked within the League of Legends community for considering himself worthy of competing alongside some of the greatest names to have ever played the game, despite winning win two domestic titles and placing third/fourth at the 2015 World Championship. Now an iconic name within the roster, Huni has set about correcting his critics during his first season of the LCK, continuing his strong form as SKT defeated G2 eSports in the opening game of MSI 2017:

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Opting for an unexpected Galio pick, Huni was instrumental in SKT’s game strategy vs G2 eSports, applying his knowledge of how to manipulate the top lane to his team’s advantage. Quickly outscaling the Renekton of G2’s Daehan “Expect” Ki and supplying consistent waveclear to gain control of any lane, Huni established dominance for the reigning world champions across the map.

Pleased with his omnipresence during the opening match, Huni was happy to sing his praises in a memorable post game interview:

“For now with SKT, this is my first time in an international tournament, so it was really important that Huni is a really good top laner – I had to prove that from the first game with SKT.

“For sure, SKT is the best team in the world and in League of Legends history. Also Huni is the best top laner in the world for 2017 with SKT – that’s what I want to prove.

“Of course we’re gonna win MSI, I’m ready to smash everyone.”

Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The former Fnatic and Immortals top laner was far less impressive in SK Telecom T1’s second match of the day against underdogs Gigabyte Marines however. Somewhat infamous for his overly-aggressive tendencies, Huni showed a lack of respect for his opponent Phan “Stark” Công Minh.

Since moving to the LCK, Huni has been very respectful towards his opposing top laner, particularly when facing the formidable foe KT Rolster’s Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho. Facing up to Stark, fans were provided with flashbacks to the ‘old Huni’: overly-aggressive, dying unnecessarily and hindering his team’s strategy:

Fortunately for the confident top laner, SKT’s Han “Peanut” Wang-ho was willing to step up to the plate vs the Gigabyte Marines, answering every weakness shown in the top lane with a counter-attack from the SKT jungle. In typical SKT fashion, the LCK champions closed out the game after sealing a 20 minute baron.

Huni’s lack of respect for his opposing top laner did not produce any considerable repercussions against the Gigabyte Marines, though against stronger competition SKT may have found themselves in difficulty. Huni took risks that he would not normally if he was facing his typical LCK opposition, he will need to eliminate them from his play if he is to “smash” opponents throughout the Mid-Season Invitational as he intends.


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